What We Do

Our aim is simple:

To provide our clients with the most effective learning and development experience – enabling them to enhance and improve their performance.

The TBC is passionate about helping organisations get the best from their employees and passionate about our own development.

We believe in working in partnership with our clients. We want to understand your business, its needs and how we can help make a difference.

Our extensive experience working across all areas of public and private sectors, coupled with our highly skilled team, ensures your organisation will benefit from working with the TBC

Leadership Development

Our leadership programmes centre around who the participant is, and why they should be a leader. We enable them to question where they and their organisation is heading, and aid them to refocus and hone [...] Read more »

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a powerful approach to professional and personal change. Our clients have testified to dramatic increases in their performance, commitment and job satisfaction as a result of our approach to Executive Coaching. We [...] Read more »

Team Development

Our Team Development programmes help our clients work more efficiently. We jointly analyse a team’s strengths and weaknesses via team reviews, psychometric testing, and off-site team building exercises. We believe that improving a team’s performance [...] Read more »

Management Training

We work with managers to understand their performance issues and then design programmes to improve their confidence and skills. We are currently work with client on programmes to improve manager’s performance in the areas of: [...] Read more »