Are our lunch breaks broken?

Given that the term “lunch hour” is often used synonymously with “lunch break”, I’d like to think that it’s roughly the amount of time workers take for themselves in the middle of their day, wouldn’t […] Read more »

The Taylor Review and Modern Approaches to Employment

Anyone that’s even glanced at the news lately will know that the “gig economy” is a pretty hot topic at the moment. Though I’m sure it won’t be the final word on the matter, the […] Read more »

How great leaders influence people, and does Trump get it right?

The 2016 US presidential election has dominated the world news for the best part of a year and a half now; the result, highly anticipated by some and dreaded by others, has prompted me to […] Read more »

Helping employees to engage with change

There are many keys to health business relationships. Recent CIPD studies have shown that new approaches to organisational change could be extremely beneficial for companies returning to growth after struggling in the recession. When making […] Read more »

Restrictions on EU migrant labour would be counter-productive for youth employment

The news has been full of discussion of EU migrant workers and the state of the job market in our economy.  But is it really a problem? On the contrary, new research from the CIPD […] Read more »

Business Ethics

The ethical stance of your business is one of the most important factors for your company’s image. If your business has done something that causes your ethics to be called into question it can seriously […] Read more »

Flexible Working Hours

The latest piece of legislation change that’s got everyone talking is the revision of the rules on applying for flexible working hours. From 30 June 2014, every employee that has been employed by a company […] Read more »

Performance Management and 1:1s

CIPD survey shows managers do not effectively communicate objectives and expectations – more 1:1s needed, says Michael Baker, Managing Director of the TBC Ltd. A recent survey conducted by the CIPD of over 2,500 employees […] Read more »

CIPD Calls For Reviews of Office Hierarchy

CIPD calls for review of office hierarchy New CIPD research has found that rigid organisational hierarchies are a formidable barrier to improving management and leadership skills in the workplace. It is important to review the positions of staff […] Read more »

Learning and Development Has Become More Business Focused

Learning and development has become more business focused Recent statistics have shown that many businesses are incorporating learning and development initiatives into business strategy. This is a step in the right direction, however, more still […] Read more »